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Granite Countertops: Where Beauty Meets Durability

Step into a kitchen with granite countertops and you will be instantly captivated. Granite is a natural stone that showcases unmatched colour variations and fascinating patterns that surpass any artificial material. Besides its stunning appearance, granite is hard enough to resist scratches, heat, and scorching. These qualities make it perfect for countertops. Granite is porous, though, so needs regular sealing.

When it comes to buying kitchen countertops, you deserve the best. At Cabinets & Granite Direct, we are experts in fabricating kitchen countertops from top-quality slabs of granite – sourced from renowned brands. Our team will listen to your needs and then design brilliant granite countertops that enhance your home’s beauty and functionality. Elevate your kitchen with CGD and discover how beautiful and durable our granite countertops can be.


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We are happy to answer any kitchen cabinets related questions you may have

Yes, when exposed to hard, sharp blows. Granite has a hard, solid surface, and high impact blows can cause it to crack or break. Due to its crystalline nature, it can easily chip when subjected to heavy, sharp objects. So, avoid cutting and chopping directly on the surface.

Not advisable. It can ruin your knives as well as the granite surface. Granite is an extremely hard material and can dull knife blades easily. It can also cause the granite surface to chip and break away. To avoid such damage, always use a wooden or plastic cutting board for chopping, dicing and mincing vegetables or meat.

No, they don’t. Granite counters have a smooth surface and are resistant to stains. If any liquid spills on a granite top, wiping it away quickly will prevent stains. However, thick liquids and colour-concentrated foods like oil, red wine and beetroots can cause stains if left to soak into the stone. A granite sealant provides an additional layer of protection against stains, moisture, mildew and other forms of damage.

Unlike marble, granite doesn’t lose its lustre and beauty over time. Granite is a highly scratch-resistant material and will not show wear from daily use. With proper care, it will shine like new for years to come.

Granite is formed by the solidification of molten rock or liquid magma under extreme pressure of the Earth’s crust. The stone is primarily composed of mica, quartz, and feldspar, which makes it one of the hardest building stones available. It has been used for decorative purposes and as a building material for centuries. Granite is great at resisting wear and tear, making it an ideal stone for both exterior and interior use. Also, when used outdoors, the stone’s mineralogical structure prevents it from being affected by freeze-thaw cycles.

After ruby, sapphire and diamond, granite is known to be the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth. After the surface of the countertop has been polished, the stone can maintain its high gloss for years. Normal cookware and cutlery, including knives, don’t leave any scratches, and natural heat has virtually no effect on it. This makes it a safer alternative to most synthetic alternatives made with commercially available resins and polymers. Although heated pots and pans up to 900°F won’t dull its gleaming finish, it is still advisable to use trivets to keep your kitchen countertop squeaky clean.

Like all naturally occurring stones, granite is a porous material, though to a minimal degree. If it is not sealed properly and if there is liquid left on the surface for a prolonged period, dark spots may appear. Although there is a chance it may fade as the stone dries, it should not be an issue if the countertop has been sealed beforehand.

Since granite countertops are generally sealed before installation, you can rest assured knowing its beauty will last a very long time. But it still requires regular cleaning to maintain its excellence. You can use powdered soap, all-purpose cleaners approved for granite, or regular dish soap on your kitchen countertop without damaging it.

It is best to avoid acidic cleaners like lemon, lime, vinegar and any substance with bleach or ammonia. Using these chemicals on your granite countertop frequently can weaken the sealant and dull its shine over time. The harsher the cleaner, the quicker it will damage the sealant and the granite.

If you have used a high-quality impregnating sealer, you should reseal the countertop approximately once every three years. There are many cleaning liquids available on the market, though, that eliminate the need to re-seal the countertop at all. These aren’t very expensive and can last for up to two or three years, depending on the size of the cleaning area.

Though it is highly durable and can withstand extreme cold and heat, granite can be damaged by high impact blows. Also, due to its crystallized structure, it can chip. When not sealed properly, granite can absorb liquids such as oil, which can result in spots appearing or the surface becoming discoloured.
It is difficult task to repair granite, but there are ways to do it. For instance, a scratch or crack can be sealed with a mix of epoxy and ground-up granite.

This natural stone is an investment that will provide long-term benefits. It will last for many years, and thanks to advancements in technology, they are available at reasonable rates.

Yes, it can, thanks to its long life and durability. Granite countertops are virtually impenetrable, and their versatility allows them to blend in with any decorative style, making it a great investment.

Our experts recommend you not cut anything directly on the surface of your countertop.

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