What is Quartz and Where is It Found?

Quartz is the second most common mineral found on earth and is a crystalline form of silicone. It’s typically found in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks and is coloured by the impurities present within such as in Cairngorm, citrine, and amethyst. It is a durable material which can be used in diverse ways from building materials to electronics.

It can be found all over the world with Brazil and Arkansas having the biggest natural mines. The largest crystal was found in Brazil and weighed over 44 tons. Deserts, rivers, beaches, and mountaintops contain very high quantities of quartz. Though it’s a widely occurring material, high-quality and pure crystals are seldom found.

Is Quartz a Good Option for a Kitchen Countertop?

Of course, quartz is an excellent option for a kitchen countertop because it is known to be one of the toughest materials available. It’s a non-porous material that prevents mildew, bacteria, and water from seeping into the surface.

How do I Care for a Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops are generally easy to care for and hard to stain as its surface is non-porous. For everyday cleaning, a bar of mild dish soap can be used. Steer clear of harsh and abrasive cleaners as they may contain bleach and ruin the finish. For hardened materials, use a plastic putty knife to scrape it off.

Can I Cut Without a Cutting Board and Put Hot Pans on My Countertop?

Although a scratch-resistant material, we do recommend using a cutting board and not using the countertop as one. A severely hot pan or pot can cause discolouration so it’s best that you use a trivet to maintain the quality of your quartz countertop.

Does Quartz Need to be Sealed?

No, it isn’t necessary to seal quartz as you would other stones.

Do Granite Countertops Stain?

Granite can’t be burned with regular use although a few colours might absorb moisture due to prolonged contact. There may be a problem with pigmented fluids such as red wine but it doesn’t stain easily. However, it’s advisable to wipe off spills immediately. Our experts will seal the granite countertops with a specially formulated sealer which will prevent any irreversible damage from taking place.

Can My Granite Countertop Chip?

Your countertop can only chip in cases of severe abuse with a heavy impact tool such as a hammer. In such cases, it can easily be filled with a granite dust and epoxy mixture. Don’t throw away the chipped pieces as they can be used to fix the countertop.

Which is a Better Option for My Kitchen, Granite or Quartz?

There are several factors that determine which is a better option:

  • Appearance

Granite is a completely natural stone with no two pieces being alike. Though there is a wide range of colours and patterns available, they can only be what is found in nature. That’s not to say that you can’t find beautiful pink, green and blue hues, but if you’re looking for a specific hue, it could be hard to find.

Quartz is made by mixing crushed quartz with resin and pigment. This means it’s available in a wide variety of variations and can also be made to mimic the look of granite and marble.

  • Care

Granite needs to be sealed when being installed and re-sealed once a year.

Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed or require any special cleaning making it nearly maintenance free.

  • Cost

The difference between the price of granite and quartz is minimal unless you’re considering unique colours and patterns of granite. Although the price greatly depends on the quality, granite has become more affordable over the years.

How do I Care for My Granite Countertop?

Granite countertops are sealed before they are installed which ensures they remain beautiful for a long time. However, it still requires maintenance from time to time. You may use a bar of mild dish soap, powdered soap, and cleaners that are approved to be used on the natural stone without damaging them.

Will My Granite Kitchen Countertop have pits on its Surface?

Since granite has a crystalline structure, it always has tiny pits. However, you won’t see them on large pieces as they’re polished to provide a mirror-like finish. Sometimes, granite also has tiny fissures which may look like small cracks, but aren’t any form of structural defects. They occur naturally as a result of immense pressure and heat which forms the stone. They are a part of the stone’s natural beauty and do not affect its durability or function.

Can My Granite Countertop Harbour Bacteria?

No, the Centre for Disease Control hasn’t found any evidence suggesting that bacteria can grow in granite.

Why Should I Buy My Kitchen Cabinets from Cabinets & Granite Direct?

Our company has been providing high-quality cabinets since 2002 with raw materials that are sourced from all over the world. We offer professional and affordable installations for a space of any size. We work hard to be on schedule and meet our client’s budget and have effective project management which ensures all the components are correctly installed. Our experts know what they are doing and can minimize unforeseen mishaps.

How are the Cabinets Constructed?

All our cabinets are made with solid maple wood. There’s no particle board used anywhere.

What Kind of Shelves will I Get with My Cabinets?

All our base cabinets have a stationary half shelf and wall cabinets come with adjustable shelves.

Do the Cabinets Come with Matching Finished Interiors?

All of our cabinets have a matching interior, exterior, door, and drawers finish.

What is a Virtual Kitchen Designer?

A Virtual Kitchen Designer is a proven technology allowing our professional designers to create a design for your kitchen without ever setting foot inside your home. It allows our customers to work with us remotely to design their kitchen from anywhere, knowing that the design and measurements will be precise. It can also ensure that your concept is executed by our designers and see for yourself whether it translates as well as you thought it would after the renovation.

How Much will I Have to Spend to Remodel My Kitchen?

Your kitchen is just like anything else you buy, meaning the cost will be dependent on the complexity of the job and the price of the materials you choose. However, remember that a kitchen remodel is an investment you make that can increase your home’s value. Our cabinetry is available at various price levels that can suit any budget and our experts strive to provide the best design within that budget.

Is There Anything I should Bear in Mind When Consulting with One of Your Designers?


Just determine your budget and the style of kitchen you are looking for. Our designers will listen to your ideas and work on a customized plan to make things easier for you, focussing on the following.

  • Making sure there are a practical distance and a clear path between the fridge, stove and the sink
  • Ensuring all small and large appliances are effectively positioned
  • Assuring none of the doors interfere with each other
  • Providing enough space for people to use the kitchen without getting in each other’s way.

Once the basic design elements are taken care of, you can choose the colours and finishes according to your preferences and taste.

Can I See My Kitchen in 3D and Full Colour Before Making a Final Decision?


Yes. Our Virtual Kitchen Designer allows you to understand how the space will look once the work is complete.

Is There Anything I Should Do to Prepare for the Installation of My New Kitchen?

This depends on the jobs being done in your kitchen. Normally, the old appliances and cabinets need to be removed. If you are changing the whole layout of your kitchen, you may need to involve electricians, plumbers, and contractors who can take care of the tiling, flooring and patch the walls.

It may take a few days for the cabinets to be installed so use cardboard to cover the path leading to your kitchen to protect the existing flooring. Remove any artwork and knick-knacks that can get damaged while the work is happening. There may be quite a lot of sawdust flying around during the installation process so consider covering all nearby fixtures and furniture. Remember you can’t use the kitchen so you’ll need to make arrangements for food for your family.

There is no typical list of things to do you can follow since every kitchen renovation project is different. It’s best to have a word with your designer and get the complete details so you have a better idea of what you should and shouldn’t do.

How Can I Prevent My Cabinet Doors from Getting Warped?

It’s best to keep your home between 40% and 50% humidity as this is the best temperature to keep wood stable at. If possible, invest in air conditioning for the summers and a humidifier for winter to ensure your cabinets last for many years.