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Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga

Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga

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Kitchen Renovation in Mississauga

Trust Kitchen Renovations by CGD for a well-planned space that suits your needs

Renovating your kitchen adds value to your home

A kitchen renovation is an important home improvement project that adds to the overall value of your property. Apart from equipping your space with the latest appliances, it also accentuates the beauty of your kitchen with contemporary cabinets and countertops, granite and quartz being the most popular. A renovation project can benefit you by:

  • Giving a functional layout
  • Making appliances and tools easily accessible
  • Creating an organized space
  • Making it visually appealing
  • Providing an upgraded look and feel to your space

If you want to reap the benefits of a kitchen renovation, contact Mississauga’s most trusted name, CGD . We specialize in countertop and cabinets that are sure to beautify your kitchen space.

Exceptional kitchen designs at an affordable price

Kitchens are an indispensable component to family life and to entertain guests. The space has undergone many changes over the decades. Historically, it was more of a utilitarian space and not as luxurious as it is today. They used to be dark rooms, full of smells, messes and noise. However, open-concept homes with island seating areas have turned kitchens into a multipurpose space. With ever-changing styles and ongoing innovation of appliances, kitchens these days showcase the evolution of our lifestyles and habitats. This is the main reason kitchen renovation is increasingly becoming popular among homeowners as it is an integral part of any home improvement project.

Free In-home Consultation For Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation types

Kitchen Renovation Types & Average Prices

Let’s take a look at the average costs of renovation depending on the dimension of the kitchen.

Size (Square Feet)Average Cost
Small Kitchen (<80)$5,000-$25,000
Medium-Sized (100-150)$15,000-$40,000
Larger Kitchen (200+)$30,000-$60,000+
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The average cost of refacing kitchen cabinets depends on the number of drawers refaced, the amount of crown moulding and the number of modifications made. This might range from $1000 to $2000 for low to high-end kitchen remodelling. The total area of the cabinetry is also a deciding factor. Cabinet door replacement might cost you something between $10 to $16 per square foot. The price usually increases depending on the wood species, the use of glass; and inclusion of decorative columns and corbels.

Kitchen Countertop Remodelling

RangeAverage Cost
Small-range Remodelling $200 - $500
Medium-range Remodelling$400 - $1000
Major Remodelling$1000 +

Grades of granite or quartz used for countertops is a major factor that determines how much you will need to spend on your renovated or new kitchen worktop.

Modern kitchen renovation

High-quality at anaffordable price with CGD

Kitchen trends and preferences are constantly evolving. Stone surfaces are gaining popularity due to their durability, and the style quotient they provide to the space. At Cabinets and Granite Direct, we take pride in providing a hassle-free experience for all our customers at budget-friendly rates. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • We deal with all our clients directly and do not have any subcontractors
  • Our raw materials are sourced from trusted suppliers and there are no middle-men involved
  • Our countertops and cabinets can be fabricated to fit your space perfectly
  • We follow a transparent process every step of the way

Our aim is to offer the best in service to our clients and ensure their kitchen looks flawless along with having an efficient overall design. Whether you want to completely re-design or simply upgrade your kitchen, our experts can help you create a functional space. They will discuss your design preferences, take accurate measurements and install the cabinets and countertops in a manner that is exact the first time. Our product range, reasonable pricing, workmanship and transparency is what makes us the most trusted name in kitchen renovation in Mississauga.


  • Increase Property Value
  • Increase Space Availability
  • Creating a Comfortable Space
  • Update Your Home Decor
Renovated kitchen designs


There is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to re-design or renovate your kitchen. But, before you start taking walls down, create a plan for the renovation and establish one to remodel the space.

Replacing your kitchen countertops is a good place to start as it’s one of the spaces that sees the most amount of activity. Although you may think it will be a pricey affair, there are many affordable options available. Remember, investing in a high-quality granite or quartz countertop can pay out in the long run.

Kitchen cabinets are another thing that can make a huge difference in how the space feels.

The kitchen backsplash can be of the same material as the kitchen countertop and can be fabricated out of granite or quartz among many other materials. They are generally installed at the same time as countertops to ensure you can use the space as soon as possible.

These are some ways in which you can upgrade the look of your kitchen and add value to your home by having your kitchen renovated. Our kitchen renovation experts in Mississauga ensure the space is used to its ultimate functionality and make everyday tasks easier for you.

Renovating kitchen

Easy to maintain after installation

Kitchens are some of the most used rooms in a house, and arguably, one of the most expensive. That’s why you want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible as it is such a big investment. Renovating your kitchen can help with this. By replacing your old countertops and cabinets with newer ones made of more durable materials, will make kitchen maintenance a breeze.

However, this will only be the case if the installation is done well. Poorly installed fixtures can lead to issues, such as unusable spaces and a clashing décor. It might even be hazardous as a poor installation could fall apart when you’re busy in the kitchen. Only by having a seasoned professional in charge of the installation can you avoid this problem. Someone who is experienced can install a countertop or cabinet well the first time, so you won’t have to worry about having to get it done again.

Our professionals make it simple

CGD’s design experts are very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated. Our team has the experience to help you design the perfect kitchen for your home.


  • Consultation
  • Measure
  • Custom-Design
  • Install

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We are committed to provide a high-quality job at competitive rates and ensure 100% satisfaction. That’s why we have a simple process to get you’re the kitchen you always wanted.

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I had an amazing experience with this company. Customer service is a priority and that means everything. They were very helpful with the design and...

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We had our counter top done and we are very happy with CGD. Jerry is very professional and attentive. I will definetly recommend my family and friends

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After a long search, I decided to go with this company and it's almost more than a year now that we have our new kitchen installed by them. I have to really...

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After doing my own homework two months, I finally decide to go with this company. The quality of cabinet is pretty decent. After back and forth several times...

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We are in the market for new kitchen counter tops, We found Cabinets and Granite direct from our local 905 Directory, the reviews where good. We are still in our...

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we walk you through every step of the Kitchen Renovation Process

From the planning stages to the final touches, we are your kitchen renovation partners.



Our experts take a rough dimension of your kitchen and have a discussion with our designer who creates a free 3D design of your space, according to your preferences.


Custom Design

Our professional designer show you want your kitchen will look at in 3D. It will allow you to understand how the space will look and make adjustments to that are to your liking.



Once the design has been finalized, our technician will take accurate measurements of your kitchen. The designer then re-designs using these accurate measurements of your home



Our experts have an eye for detail and ensure that the work is done perfectly the first time. We also clean up after ourselves and make sure nothing on the property gets damaged while we work.

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