Bathroom Vanities is Mississauga

Bathroom Vanities is Mississauga

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Bathroom Vanities In Mississauga

Quality Bathroom Vanities Add Value To Your Home

A bathroom is one of the biggest factors that can add value to a home. Bathroom renovations are especially popular as they provide around 75% recovery rate on the investment made. Along with being a great selling feature, adding a bathroom vanity can make the space comfortable as it can be used to store daily use items, in turn, making the space look less cluttered. Here is a list of advantages you can enjoy by installing a bathroom vanity in your Mississauga home:

  • Vanities make the clean-up time shorter as everything is stowed away, leaving the surface empty
  • A well-designed vanity can add value to your home and help it sell quicker
  • Since a home is a true reflection on the owner’s character, your bathroom vanity can be an indication of how clean and organized you are
  • They are made by experienced professionals using only the best materials available ensuring they last many years

Get Exceptional Designs At An Affordable Price

CGD has one of the biggest bathroom stores in Mississauga. We have been providing premium bathroom vanities for more than 17 years with raw materials sourced from around the world. We have extensive experience in the bathroom vanity fabrication industry and have the knowledge and skills to create and supply the best products in Mississauga. Our vanities are designed to provide an outstanding appearance to your bathroom and offer exceptional functionality. Here’s why you should buy bathroom vanities in Mississauga from us:

  • Our pre-made vanities are constructed with perfection in mind, even when made in bulk
  • Visit our warehouses in Markham and Mississauga to see the products for yourself before purchasing one
  • We offer competitive rates on all our vanities
  • Our professionals visit the site and take accurate measurements to ensure everything fits well

Free In-home Consultation For Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities with double sink


Bathrooms are one of the most used spaces in any home so it’s vital for it to be both attractive and functional. A vanity is the centrepiece of the design since it serves as an efficient element and a visual anchor for the room. At Cabinets & Granite Direct, we offer a diverse range of bathroom vanities that come in a different finishes, sizes and styles ensuring you can find one that fits your space and complements the design. Although available in a wide range of styles, they can mainly be categorized into three main types:

• Wall-Mounted – These types of vanities are also known as floating vanities which are fixed directly onto the wall. It’s a popular style providing an edgy and sleek look with eye-catching and lightweight designs. It can either be a cabinet-type, a shelf-type, or both. The wall-mounted kind generally come with a stone countertop, sink and drawers of different sizes. The shelf-type can be attached to a counter with enough space for the vanity and the sink or several counters to create more surface storage.

• Mounted-Shelf – This is a basic design that can serve with a wall or pedestal sink to create a simple vanity. It’s easy to install and maintain along with being an affordable option. They’re a great space saving solution for small bathrooms.

• Cabinet-Style – This is a traditional vanity design and can support any bathroom sink apart from the pedestal type. Due to the furniture-like construction, you can rely upon its stability when mounted. They can hold up to two sinks and still offer ample space on the countertop. The cabinet type can aid in concealing water supply pipes and drains that are connected to the sink and faucet.

Vanities are commonly made using either laminated particle board or furniture quality wood. The countertop is usually where the material differs as the top can be made using any natural or man-made stone which looks attractive and are easy to maintain. When thinking of the hinges and handles for the drawers and cabinets, there are many styles you can choose from that match with the elegance of the cabinet and overall design of the bathroom. So, its best to choose something that’s durable and can stand the test of time.

If you need help choosing a bathroom vanity in Mississauga, our experts are happy to assist. They can offer expert assistance along with a 3D rendering of what the space will look like once it’s complete. We build our products with quality materials to ensure you don’t have to go through the trouble of dealing with vanities that discolour or warp over time. We make our products using durable materials to ensure it doesn’t droop, crack or sag because of a heavy sink or countertop material.

Floating bathroom vanities

Premium Quality At An Affordable Price With Cgd

At Cabinets & Granite direct, we provide ready-to-assemble bathroom vanities in Mississauga which you can either build yourself or have one of our experienced professionals do it flawlessly for you. We have a wide range of RTA bathroom vanities in our Markham and Mississauga warehouses which can fit perfectly in any space. Some other benefits of our products are:

  • We provide compact and convenient products which last a long time
  • Our vanities are utilitarian and attractive
  • We have no sub-contractors and manage our clients ourselves
  • Our products are an affordable and a quick way of upgrading your bathroom
  • The materials used are sourced from experienced and trusted suppliers
  • We offer a wide selection of colours and styles ensuring you find the perfect fit for your space

Our collection and services are why our customers come from far and wide. Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted, a double vanity or a small vanity for a powder room, you can find something perfect for your space in our warehouse. Visit one of our locations to see the numerous features and finishes we have to offer.




Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in any home making it a space you should take great care of. Along with keeping the room organized, consider its aesthetics too as the value of your property depends a lot on the appeal your bathroom provides. However, renovations tend to be costly affairs and take quite a while to finish. Since the bathroom vanity is one of the main elements in the space, re-vamping it can bring about a massive change in the overall look. Here are a few things you can consider to update the look of your bathroom vanity.

  • Change the countertop – Homeowners generally think the vanity is the only significant element but what they don’t realize is that the countertops are equally important. Changing the vanity top can instantly uplift the appearance and give a whole new look to the bathroom.
  • Change the Cabinets – This is one of the best and quickest ways to give an instant facelift to your dreary old bathroom. Consider shaker style or glass doors as they are timeless additions that never go out of style and can give a chic look to your bathroom.
  • Add Lights – Adding lights to your vanity is a great idea as it can make your bathroom look bigger and brighter. The right lighting can draw focus to the area and make your bathroom look luxurious and classy overall.


Cabinets & Granite Direct takes pride in working with professionals who have years of experience in the bathroom vanity fabrication industry. We have the skills and knowledge to create something exceptional for any space. Our experts listen to your ideas and recommend different ways in which you can transform then into reality. We pay utmost attention to detail and offer high-quality materials at affordable rates. Here’s why we are the best bathroom vanity dealers in Mississauga–

  • Our professionals have extensive experience which ensures they install your vanities flawlessly
  • We offer a wide range of products and are popular for our outstanding services
  • Our experts work exceptionally hard to provide fast turnaround times
  • All our projects are finished on-time and its always done right
  • Our professional approach encourages our clients to keep returning to us
  • Our experienced staff listen to your desires and strive to create your dream space

Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best bathroom vanities in Mississauga and have skilled designers who can take care of any project. Get in touch with us today and allow our home improvement experts to take care of your bathroom vanity needs.


Our experts are known for their knowledge, skills, and commitment. We have the experience to help you find the perfect bathroom vanity.

  • Consultation with the in-house designer
  • Fabrication of bathroom vanities based on specific needs and wants
  • Home appointment to take measurements according to the design
  • Delivery of bathroom vanities and speedy installation

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Our experts take accurate dimensions of your bathroom and talk about the project with our skilled designer



Once the design has been finalized, our technicians will take measurements of the bathroom to ensure everything fits seamlessly


3D-Virtual Design

Our designer generates a 3D visual design of your bathroom based on the measurements taken, the consultation, and your preferences



Once the plan has been approved, our trained technicians produce bathroom vanities based on your lifestyle needs and wants



Our specialized installation team deliver and install your new bathroom vanity and make sure it fits impeccably within the space

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