Jul 10

8 Attractive Vanity Ideas for a Bathroom Remodel

It sounds like a straightforward task, but picking a bathroom vanity can quickly turn into a nightmare with so many options to choose from. With various colour combinations, features, and styles available, it is easy for any homeowner to feel overwhelmed. Well, don’t worry. Today, we will discuss some unique and attractive vanities you can use for your bathroom remodelling project. Whether you’ […]

May 9

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Modern Designs

The purpose of this infographic is to help you understand the difference between traditional and modern kitchen cabinet designs so you can choose the best one for your space.   […]

Mar 11

Creative Tricks to Increase Usable Space in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can feel claustrophobic since there isn’t much space to move around. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen cooking up meals. One way to increase the working area of your kitchen is to install better space-optimizing countertops and cabinetry. You can get more usable space in your small kitchen if you incorporate simple ideas mentioned in this post. Read on to know more! Ut […]

Feb 8

Maintenance Tips for Granite Countertops

It’s easy to clean and maintain granite countertops, though it may not seem that way as there are several misconceptions surrounding the natural stone. However, it’s best to stay cautious and avoid damage to the stone. Read this post to discover the do’s and don’ts, so your countertop looks as good as new for a long time. Infographic Created By CGD Cabinetry […]

Feb 4

15 Top Kitchen Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

The kitchen is the one room in your home where you should be extra-careful with trending choices. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a space that’s completely out of sync in a few years of being designed or remodelled just because you wanted to follow a trend. As a homeowner, you’ll desire a stylish space featuring modern appliances and high-end quartz countertops that blend in well with your décor and […]

Jan 10
Signs its Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

How to Know Its Time to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are meant to last a long time but they rarely ever do. The following are some signs that tell you it’s time to replace yours. [caption id="attachment_989" align="alignnone" width="950"] Infographic Created by CGD Cabinetry[/caption] […]

Jan 8
How to Select the Best Kitchen Countertop

6 Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen remodelling is a fun and exciting way of upgrading the look and utility of your kitchen - one of the most important rooms of your home. Countertops are a major part of any kitchen remodelling project, but they often go overlooked in the chaos of other things such as cabinetry, sink, lighting and plumbing. All kitchens are different depending on the lifestyle needs of the homeowners. What w […]

Dec 10
kitchen remodeling timeline

How to Plan the Kitchen Remodeling Timeline

Do you pin or bookmark impressive kitchen images as soon as you come across them?  Are you enjoying visits to your perfectionist neighbour obsessed with interior décor, because you get ideas about the latest design trends? All these have become your hobby ever since you felt that your kitchen needs a face-lift. But have you considered where to begin from so the makeover project runs smoothly? Thi […]